Celtic Cross Journal

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Practical Beauty

Soft animal-friendly faux leather, bright lined paper that won’t bleed. Lay-flat binding with ribbon bookmark. Elegant embossed cover art.

Robin R.
"A beautifully embossed faux leather, lined writing journal that’s as elegant and stylish as it is useful."
Raven B.
"Extremely pleased with this writing journal!"

Writing Companion

This journal is the perfect companion for writers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to get thoughts on paper easily. The writer’s notebook is a thing of beauty that you will be proud to carry and show to your friends.

Classic Artwork

The classic shape of this Celtic Cross is reminiscent of the monumental high crosses found in the Insular art of Ireland and Britain during the Middle Ages. Own a personal lined journal that stands out from the crowd.

Practical Design

Writing in this journal is a pleasure. It makes a perfect diary for recording your thoughts and ideas. Light grey lines make your text stand out. An extra thick top line lets you know immediately that you have opened the journal upside down. The A5 size is an international standard for many books. Cover size is 6 by 8 3/4 by 7/8 inches.

A Great Gift For Any Occasion!

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